Energetic Healing

Individual session of distant healing

wherever we are in the world, we may all be connected

Soul healing ~ deep transformation ~ inner vision

A journey on the way to your self realization

The process is simple and powerful.

It brings you inner changing. You become closer to your personal life vision and your intuition. It shows you the way.

Transformation, simplicity, joy, power, light, big, heal.

I work with the energy of Mother Earth // Virgo // Isis // La Source // Gold and Crystal // the flow of dancing.

This session of healing will bring you a deep cleansing on the way to achieve your dreams. It will help you see things clearer and feel supported on your journey of making your dreams come true. After the energetic healing, I give you the keys to activate the process of self healing for the next months.

I am a dancer, singer and writer. All these art skills and passions contribute to help my guidance with the energies I connect to. My sensitivity helps me to feel the flows, and nourish the creativity and beauty out of it.

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself ? to your dreams ? To who you truly are?

60€ – 1 individual session of 1hour

During this session you receive:

  • We define your intention and prepare you to the healing (by phone, skype, whatsap)
  • A distant energetic healing – dedicated to yourself, laying down enjoying the healing
  • After, I give you the keys to continue activating the self-healing for the next weeks and months

Book your session by mail: armony.b.s@gmail.com

or by phone: 0032.487.547075